About me

Hi I'm Desiree, welcome to my blog. Currently, I am working as a data scientist as I complete my undergrad degree in physics. I enjoy learning about quantum computing, spending time with my cat and figure skating. Feel free to contact me at [desireevogtlee at gmail].


  • Quantum Game Theory - Playable online 'game' demonstrating quantum game theory.
  • Awesome Quantum Computing - A curated list of awesome quantum computing learning and developing resources.
  • Quantum Catsweeper - A quantum implementation of a game based on minesweeper flags which uses qubits and runs on the IBM Q computer.
  • Cat Feeder - Blockchain based method to feed my cat via remote Tweeting.
  • Quantum Open Software Foundation - Project to expand the role of open source software in quantum computing and improve the standardization and quality thereof.
  • Astro Pointer - A tool which points to celestial objects of your choosing in the sky with a laser.
  • Quantum Walk - An implementation of a quantum walk on a cycle graph.